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    Is it just my 700p, or is the "Look in Contacts" missing from the Messaging app?

    I know the 650 had this option when you click on the down-arrow next to the "To:," but my 700p doesn't seem to have that option. It only displays my history of people that I text messaged, but not "Look in Contacts."

    Can anyone confirm this?
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    Right, but when you start typing it brings up the list as you type.

    Pretty cool.
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    Aah, I guess that makes up for it. Thanks!
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    then why is the "to" drop down menu there? I'm having some lag with messaging bringin up my contacts.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Ok, I see that it does look at your recent text messages. Sorry for that
    Jimmie Geddes
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    So if you have a new 700P and have your contacts loaded, but no messages sent or received yet, you won't be able to browse your contact list to choose a number to send the message to?

    I like having the look in contacts option.
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    Don't need to browse. Just type in first initial then last name (no space) then choose the phone number. Simple, easy as pie.
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