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    I just got a call from Sprint Customer Service. I've got 4 lines total, 3 of which are less than 6 months from being out of contract. (And I'm under one of their corporate employee discount plans that gets me 15% off my montly bill.)

    For extending those three lines for another 2 years, they're offering me a $150 service credit PER line. I explained that my son, who uses one of the 3 lines, was hoping to upgrade his phone at the end of his contract period, so she offered to let him pick out a new phone, at the internet price with the $150 discount, on top of the $450 service credit. So that's $450 plus a new phone at the new line price. They must really be afraid of losing customers.

    Then, I can get a new 700P from the Palm Developer program (yes, I've been a member for much longer than 60 days) for $550.

    $550 - $450 = $100. Pretty sweet.

    Then, if I sell or trade in my 650 for at least $150, I've got the new phone for negative $50, or less. Can't beat that with a stick.

    I'll call retention and see if they can do better than $550, but I suspect once they see I just got a $450 service credit they'll tell me to take a hike. Still, can't complain too much.
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    ah jeeze another thread??? You copycat! . Seriosuly it really doesn't count with all the service credits & multiple lines etc. I paid $150 flat outright for it & it is being sent to me now. No service credits or rebates to worry about.
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    Another pat on the back...
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    why thank you for that dusty! I thought I was patting myself enough...
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    why thank you for that dusty! I thought I was patting myself enough...
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    your elbow must be tired from patting it I thought I would help out!

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