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    Hi folks,

    I'm upgrading from my Treo 600 to a generic GSM 650 which I just bought on ebay. I was sent the windows installer disc but I don't have the Mac OS version of the CD.

    I've been reading the 650 threads on how to do this upgrade and all of them emphasize reinstalling Palm Desktop from the CD to make sure proper conduits and settings are made.

    I'd like to do this right and was wondering if anyone out there would be able to help by sending me a disc image?

    Thanks all!

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    did you get one?
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    The Palm Desktop and Hotsync versions for the Mac are available on the Palm Site at

    IMHO use iCal and Addressbook with Missing Sync. Works like a charm and have had no issues with this setup...

    Hope this helps...

    650 GSM Unlocked

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