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    Anyone have an idea what palm is doing with all of the 650's that people return in order to get a $150 credit on the 700's? As a GSM T600 user with a phone that died, and not wanting to shell out $500 for a 650 (or even the $300 the 650's are still commanding on ebay) and another $600 when the new GSM treo eventually comes out, I was hoping to see a few of the returned 650 GSM versions (by people switching to CDMA to get the immediate upgrade) pop up in the palm factory store but to date no dice.

    Any thoughts?
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    They're changing the keyboard and selling them as the 700P.
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    Using them as cheap parts for the Lowrider?
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    They'll refurbish them and sell them to the carriers at a discount to guarantee nobody get a free upgrade to the 700p.
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    good question. I am in the market for a 650, it would be nice if they resold them on their website. Or maybe they are using parts to build TREBOT, the all powerfull super genius-phone who will dominate smartphone reign.

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