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    I am looking for a utility to keep some type of log of PIM changes. Basically I'm in the IT department of my company and we have several Palm users that try to sync their PDA calendars, etc. with the corporate email system with mixed results. We use several different apps to achive this but not of them are very reliable. The problem is that we have the option to destroy the Palm database and rebuild it based on the info off our email server, but any changes made on the Palm are lost. If there was some type of log file that tracked changes on the Palm, we could blow away the Palm database to re-establish communication then manually redo the changes that were lost. Any suggestions?

    If nothing like this exists I am willing to try to create it. I know about the official Palm developer and plugged in sites but are there any other good resources available to noob Palm developers?
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    I don't think there is a changelog on the Palm - the way to get a diff of the device since the last desktop sync is to write a conduit that compares them.

    So in your case if you're syncing between a device (which may have changed) and a server (which may have changed) through a desktop, then just keep a copy of the last synced data on the desktop. When syncing, first compare device vs. desktop to get a diff since last sync for the device, then apply those changes to the server before copying that data to the device.

    It's been a while since I wrote a conduit but I think there is enough data in the individual records to know which ones have been altered since the last sync.

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