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    Does anybody else have On Demand missing from their Sprint Treo 700p. I know this sounds crazy but it is not there. I have used File Explorer on ZLauncher and there are no files starting with OD. I have 'Get BC', 'Goodlink' and 'Sprint TV', but no On Demand. Any ideas since nobody at Sprint CS or TS knows what I am even talking about?
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    Well...i don't have it missing form my launcher, but i can't seem to find any files either. When i look at the info from ZL's file browser, it shows it as a database, but i don't find the file (ODmd) anywhere.

    For those wondering how long Sprint has been testing these things...the file date is Feb 14, 2006. Happy Valentines from Sprint.
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    That's weird. I believe OnDemand is in ROM, so I don't think you could've accidentally deleted it. Have you tried hard resetting your Treo?
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    Done both a hard reset and several soft rests, definitely not in ROM. I don't see how it is possible and wouldn't have believed it if I did not see it myself
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    I did a search and read that thread before posting this. There are no files to move into internal memory, it is like it came with a portion of the ROM missing. The frustrating thing is Palm keep referring me to Sprint and Sprint claims that it is a Palm problem since that is where I bought it from.
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    Hmmmm...did you use RescoExplorer? I couldn't find the file with FileZ and Zlauncher.

    If it's really not there - and you're feeling adventurous - you could download the ROM here - - and ask someone in this thread for help...

    Good Luck - and not to rub it in - but it's worth it!!!
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    Yes I did use Resco. I have nothing going this weekend, I guess I will go ahead and reload the ROM.
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    Use RescoExplorer, (Filez and others do not work) navigate to +ROM, look for "Handmark: OD Bootstrap"..give it a tap, and On Demand will re-load to RAM. Although it is an application in ROM, it loads and runs from RAM. No memory savings as a ROM application. I found out the hard way, that the "Move to Card" option DOES NOT work, at least in my installation..
    The trial version will work fine to do all this.


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