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    anyone tried this yet?
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    That was fast. It works, but the home button still goes to the main launcher. LudusP will fix that though.

    Anybody has Zlauncher small icons for the Treo 700p? SprintTV and VoiceMemo don't show icons on the small icon mode.

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    no but I want to... how???
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    thanks a ton!!! I'm loving having the signal strength working again! Hope you don't get in trouble for posing the link cuz the page says not to..
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    Yup, the home button does not work yet, the signal icon does though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sputnic
    Yup, the home button does not work yet, the signal icon does though.
    Yeah I just noticed that... I had LudasP installed so I disabled that and saw the home button still wasn't working so I enabled it again. I am very happy that the signal strength is working though.
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    Is it faster???
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    Y - zlauncher seems a little sluggish for me on the 700...
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    I haven't noticed any sluggish-ness... Any actions in particular that seem to be slow?
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    opening it takes a full 2 count
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    How are you opening it? I have LudusP to recapture my home key and ZLauncher comes right up, no delays...
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    Same here - I think it's either my device or I must have too much on here (only 20mb of free space left)....
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    Quote Originally Posted by mshaw1515
    (only 20mb of free space left)....
    wow, that didn't take long

    Something to consider too is are you using a background image? I have noticed that using a background image with a larger file size affects my ZLauncher performance but that was an issue on my 650 as well...
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    [QUOTE=jwflutterby]wow, that didn't take long

    Yeah - I'm waiting for my new 4gb so i can start fresh before i start moving files over to the card...

    Hopefully speed will increase when I offload - i figure i'll get 10-15mb back.
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    any ideas as to when the home button problem will be addressed?
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    Which theme is everyone using? I'm using ZLauncherX_Hon_hi_64K and I can't seem to get my signal strength icon back. I downloaded and installed the new beta but no luck....
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    Are there any GOOD zlauncher themes? If so, WHERE???
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    Anybody having issues c ZLauncher Beta recognizing their 4GB cards? Since installing Zlauncher last night, I have had to reinsert my 4GB card 3 times for zlauncher to know it is there--up until today, never had a problem since day one.
    Not to hijack this thread, but does anyone use Zlink? Can it be used c Zlauncher? I was kinda hoping to move a tone of programs from RAM onto the card, be able to hit my "home" key, open zlauncher and fire away from the card, while still viewing the "ram" zlauncher page. Currently, if I move an app onto the card, it disappears from the "home screen" unless I open the view of the card. Isn't Zlink supposed to circumvent the need for this? IE--it keeps an icon on the "home"screen even though its actually on the card? I am such a zlauncher noob...
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