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    I installed the BackupBuddy trial, decided I didn't need it and uninstalled it. Unfortunately it seems to have taken my standard hotsych backup option with it.

    Does anybody have the Conuit Config. tool, and can let me know what settings I need to enter to get the back up back?

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    If you don't have any other third party conduits installed, the best option might be to reinstall the HotSync manager from your Handspring CD (or web download).

    If you're using the Windows version, when you re-run the SETUP.EXE, select the Custom option and then only select the HotSync Manager (everything else should not be bubbled in).

    During the install, the install might ask you to reset/reinstall your conduits or leave them be. Chose the option to reset/reinstall.
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    Unfortunately I do have many, many third party conduits. Reinstalling these would not be an issue, but I have upgraded the version of PocketMirror, which I use with some customisation.

    Everytime I have re-installed this and re-introduced my customisations, I have got duplicate entries, lost categories and numerous other problems that it takes me an age to sort out. After they are sorted everything works OK though.

    This is why I would prefer to try and add the backup option manually.

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