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    Quote Originally Posted by zrs70
    But for those (like me) who want travel oversees often, Sprint just doesn't do as well as T-Mobile.
    The idea that you can use your phone overseas is a nice pro for GSM, and I would use that as one of the reasons I shunned CDMA for the last 5+ years. But in all that time, I went abroad once for 10 days and made all of one call. You may be very different and go abroad several times a year and need to be making lots of calls while there. But if that's not the case, as it's not with me, consider that you can always get a cheap unlocked GSM phone on eBay and buy a SIM while you are abroad. It won't have your regular number, so people won't be able to call you directly (unless you forward your CDMA phone to it), but otherwise it will let you call just as well as your Treo would when abroad, albeit without your address book, unless you can import it before you go. Using your Tmobile (or Cingular) account to call while abroad is pretty pricey with the international roaming rates, so unless you are getting compensated for these or price just isn't an issue, forwarding your local phone to a temp cell number abroad might be about the same price. Anyway, this was how I justified it to myself. I liked the idea of just having my phone work anywhere, even abroad, but then I had to be honest about how much of my time I actually spent abroad, and that tiny percent did not justify avoiding a carrier that would get me a 700P today...
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    I will wait and see what the next GSM model will be.I too am on T-Mo,w/o contract and lots of extra goodies from days gone by.Between Sprint and Verizon,I would probably go with Verizon,if I were taking into account my bad experiences with Sprint-but the bad experience aside,I'd go with Sprint for their data and messaging rates.A plan equivalent to my current personal T-Mobile plan would cost me more on Verizon without taking into account text/picture messaging-not sure about Sprint-fairly certain it would be far cheaper.And that's without considering what to do with the family,and whether or not to move them over as well.

    For the sake of convinience,I prefer to stick to GSM carriers.The ease of being able to use my Treo overseas is a definate bonus (whether with my T-Mo account or a local carrier) .Some years I spend anywhere from 2 weeks to several months abroad,and having my information readily at hand makes things much easier.

    For the time being,I am relatively happy with my 650s-no major complaints,no major stability problems (I can't remember the last time I had a reset problem,probably 8 months ago,if that),and I no longer have the desire to be on the bleeding edge when it comes to these things,I'll wait a while,see if there is a GSM version on the horizon or out,and then I'll make my decision.
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