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    I tried searching the archives, but on the few times it didn't crash on me, I was unable to find any similar information to my current problem. Sorry if it's a repeat that I overlooked.

    My Treo 650 was airborne as I was leaving the office on Wednesday. I guess I hadn't clipped it properly into the Proclip holster, and, as I was 2 steps from a landing, it flew out of the case, fell ~7 feet (4 vertical & 3 horizontal), skipped over a ledge, hit a window, then fell another ~3 feet. The battery cover, stylus, and SD card all came off/out and landed near the initial point of impact, but the battery and Treo fell a little further.

    Luckily, the unit appeared undamaged (screen was still pristine, if a little dustier) and started normally when I reinserted all the parts, and calls made and received over the next few hours seemed fine.

    However, on two occasions, yesterday and today, when I have spoken with my wife, she says the connection sounds awful even though it sounds fine to me. One call was in a location where no previous quality issues had been raised, and was landline to my cell, the other was cell to cell (different carriers) while I was on the street.

    Since she is the only person reporting issues, I am not sure what to think. The fall was no minor impact, and I wonder if anything could have happened to the microphone connection. I have not used my BT headset since the fall, which could help to narrow the possible problem areas.

    Is there any way that I can confirm whether there has been damage to the microphone? Signal strength seems normal, and there are no sounds of parts rattling inside the case. Additionally, all other calls I have taken have not reported any issues with sound quality coming from my end (no questions of "is this your cell?").
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    Record some messages to yourself on voice mail or use SoundRec. Replay the messages and see how they sound. You can tweak microphone sensitivity with VolumeCare too. No other things I can think of to help. If your phone is still under warranty, you could always swap out for a refurb.

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