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    First of all - who came up with that GUI?

    Second - it freezes and rebuffers every 20 seconds or so even when i have 5 bars and blue arrows (strongest EVDO connection). I've tried streaming other content from zoovision ( with no issues.

    Is it my device or Sprint TV?
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    i find it works alot better then mobitv did on my 650 do not see that much buffering on mine.

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    I concur. Though I didn't buy the phone for the TV, thankfully, and barely ever use it. Even when I'm bored on the crapper.
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    hmmm.... it mostly works well for me, but I don't use it much....
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    I had the same problem with it locking up...thought it was because I was on the fringe of their EVDO area...But when I got a good signal, the pic doesn't really look any better than some of the MobiTV streams.

    Also, the Audio from the Sirius/Sprint radio stations IMHO sucks. Very low quality, about like a 48kHz MP3. ANd we know we can stream Shoutcast at up to 128kHz which sounds decent!

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    I think it's a waste of money. Maybe if they video streams were formatted for the Treo's big screens it would be better. I plan on downgrading my vision plan after playing around with it a bit more.

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