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    For use with Tmobile and Tiger,
    Newbeee here. Any suggestions for using the 650 as a voice recorder?
    Recommended software for bare bones biz stuff: appoint, calendar address phone#'s? for seamless syncing to ICal Address book?

    If I want to archive voice recordings of myself, what kind of memory limitations exist? Audio is rough on memory, what kind of ram options ( flash etc ) is available to max it out?
    High vox quality isn't an issue. A slooo typist, I dream of voice recognition translated to text?
    Is there software I should be aware of for dumping to mac and for vox recognition?
    I have missing sync
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    Are my questions just too dumb, too general, what/ vague; or search? or?
    Please, someone.
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    I use my Treo 650 with Tiger and TMO too. Welcome!

    No idea how to use it as a voice recorder, but I guess there's software that does that.

    I've tried a slew of apps, finally settled on DateBk6 (abandoned Agendus for it), ChatterEmail (incredible email app with true push), takePHone, AddressX, and BackupBuddy (Palm and Mac versions). Grab Filez (free).

    Yes, Missing Sync is great. You'll also want a nice big SD card if you want to use audio.

    I didn't like the Palm launcher. In my opinion, the two best out there are Initiate (takes some getting used to, think LaunchBar on the Mac) and LauncherX (more traditional).

    Follow the threads here in Palm Apps. And visit too. Great places to learn about useful applications for the Treo.
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    Thank you
    no recording, hmm, the MDA does.
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    yes, you can get SoundRec for voice recording. it's free too.
    Treo Moblog:
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    Nice pickup on the 650! After reading about the strange button layout on the 700p and several other problems I'm leaning towards not upgrading from my 650. Since I'm with T-Mobile for service and I really don't want to switch, not upgrading is really not my call right now. Probably take 6 months for the unbranded GSM phone to come out so I have at least that long to wait. Reading the reports from early adopters is good for me as I'm usually one of the folks suffering through the issues and looking for workarounds. Feels strange but kinda nice to be on the other side this time.

    I consider DateBk5 or 6 to be an indespensible app. Also consider dumping Versamail and buying Chattermail or Snappermail. I've used both and my favorite, by a nose, is Chattermail. FileZ is probably the leading file management utility for the Treo and another "must have" app for me. Directory Assistant has bailed me out of a few driving disasters and something I refuse to live without. Also Docs-To-Go is an essential. Usually at least a trial version is bundled with new Treos. It's like Microsoft Office for the Treo world. Kind of.

    Before installing anything consider checking it out on the PalmFocus Compatibility List. It's not definitive but it's a good resource and can help you rule out some programs that are sure to give you headaches.
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