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    Well I have used a i500 for over 3 years and dropped it many times and it still looks pretty new. On the other hand, I have had my 700p for two days now and while I bent over to fill my cats dish of food the phone slipped out of my sweatshirt pocket and fell about two feet onto floor. The phone hit the edge of the cutting board that the dish was sitting on. The battery and cover flew off. I didn't think it was a big deal as it was such a short fall. I now have a big gash right above the earpiece where the phone made contact with the floor/cutting board. I would like to think that for the $500 bucks that the plastic / fake metal would be a bit stronger than this. This phone is going to look really weathered after a very short time.
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    I dopped my 600 a couple of times and got dings and nicks. I'm not sure you really can expect too much after dropping ANY electronic device from 2 feet.
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    That can's a tip...don't drop a $650 phone and make sure you have insurance.

    My iMac had the same defect. I only dropped from a foot and it shattered!!!11 You would expect more from a $1750 computer!!11!

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    more plastic, more scuffing and nicks.

    That's why a (thin) case that is always on the Treo is so important.

    I use a Covertec and it works great...I have not found one as thin and functional anywhere else (tip - cut out the plastic overlay; sure it exposes the keyboard, but it's more usable.)
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    just furthre proof that cats are da debil
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    The soft plastic and the easily break away battery door actually serve as the "crumble zone" to lessen the impact of the drop.

    It's better to damage the out side than the inside don't you think.

    I had an exact drop on my last Treo. I got the leather case right after that.
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    That has happened to me several times with my 600.
    Now my attitude has changed. I am very careful-I've stopped treating my treo like a cell phone and now treat it like a $600 handheld computer with a cell phone.

    Sorry this happen to your new Treo.
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    Well, one day as I rushed off to work I forgot to take my 650 and hbh-610 off of the roof of my can when I put my son in his seat. It slid off going about 25 mph. Scuffed and scratched, but still 100% functional. I was sure it was finished! The headset wasn't as fortunate. It was run over at least once before I got to it and is now useless. Pretty good for a $500 phone!
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    I haven't received mine yet, but i'm afraid. I'm ALWAYS dropping my phone. I dropped my Palm IIIxe the first week I got it and had a big black splotch covering the bottom 1/8 of it. I'M AFRAID!
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    Ah...They just don't make'em like they used to.

    My old Moto StarTac fell out of my saddle on a bike ride. I heard it fall and turned around to get it. It flipped open and landed face up. There was a SUV making a turn. Despite my efforts to wave at her to stop, she drove right over it!

    There was a tire tread mark over the screen and speaker where the +3000 lb SUV drove over the phone.

    The case was slightly bent from the incident. Otherwise the phone worked as good as new!

    And I DID NOT expect as much from that $200 dumb phone!

    Too bad Moto didn't buy Palmsource (as was the rumor) and make a Palm smartphone.....
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    Ok, I have the MOTHER of all phone damage stories. I had a brand new PPC6700 about two weeks insurance. I bought one of those hinged metal cases thinking that it would provide the ultimate protection. I wore my case on the left side of my belt and decided to mow the lawn with my lawn tractor. Working from the outside of the lawn to the inside I drove in a counter clockwise direction. A couple of laps into my mowing I am driving around a bush and notice something silver on the lawn. I hit the clutch (no brake) and reached for the bar to raise the mower deck but it was to late. Cellular salad my friends!!! I looked down at my case which was still attached to my belt but haning open. I almost cryed. That is the reason that I now have the new 700P.....with the best insurance Sprint offers.
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    Pardon my spelling above..(hanging & cried) heh heh
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmphreak01
    Cellular salad my friends!!!
    I'm sorry 'bout your phone, but your story cracked me up. Especially the cellular salad line.
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    I dropped my new 700P yesterday morning - after a late night of playing poker in a casino. It hit the floor of my garage and the battery cover went flying. It didn't even get a scratch and all appeared to be fine.

    I set an alarm on it to wake me at 2:30pm, but that never happened: My speaker was dead!!! No speaker phone, no alerts, no P-Tunes - and worst of all, no ringer. It still had sound from the ear-piece speaker, but not the big one on the back.

    So, I spent last evening doing soft and hard resets, hoping against hope that that would help. But no luck. So, I called Palm, and support was closed for the evening. So, I called Sprint, got transferred to phone support where they played me a message about calling back during business hours 6am-12 midnight PST, and then got hung-up on! Naturally, it was only 9:30pm PST! Gotta love Sprint.

    So, I did one last hard reset... and the sound came back on. But now I don't trust it. I keep starting P-Tunes just to see if the speaker is still working. I'm even a little afraid of switching back and forth to vibrate mode in case the switch is flakey after the fall. Only time will tell...
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmphreak01
    Cellular salad my friends!!!
    Hilarious! But sorry to hear that for your new phone...
    - Jeeman
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    I dropped my Motorola T720 under a lawn tractor and it wouldn't work at all after that. I expected more from a $200 cell phone.
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    I wonder if the battery still works?
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    I just droppped my 700 for the first time today, got it 2 days ago. it was on my bed and when I went to go look for it I moved the sheet it was on and it fell to the floor. my bed is low so it was only like one and a half feet but the back cover still came off. Aside from that though it was fine. I dopped my 600 all the time and it was always ok, plus the charcoal color helped cover up the scratches. one time though I wasent so lucky, I was walking around the corner of my pool table (its an outdoor table so its metal) and I jabbed the corner of the table into the center of the screen which at the time was facing outward in my pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickTreo650
    I would like to think that for the $500 bucks that the plastic / fake metal would be a bit stronger than this. This phone is going to look really weathered after a very short time.
    I am no Palm apologist, but to blame them for your accident is silly.
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