I have used IntelliSync for years for syncing my GroupWise calendar, through several Palms, now treo 600, but as as many who use it know, it has become increasingly buggy, and support is dismal. I am trying Nexic's Synchronis now - it's OK and seems to reliably sync, but in an effort to mirror GW, it loses much of the Palm OS functionality (5-way Nav dial, font changes, beaming items, default day view for calendar, global search, etc). It feels like this app is stuck in a Palm OS 3/4 era and hasn't really upgraded. Spoke to Nexic and they are "working on it". Since I can't risk items lost to sync (as was happening with Intellisync), i will probably buy this. My question for folks is: Has anyone had experience with Intellisync and GroupWise on the 700p? I will be upgrading to a 700 soon, and would actully like to go back to it, if it works.