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    Guys if u did buy 700p and u didn't get 1GB sd card for free from palm 'couse it was too late to place an order for it just call plam and tell them u have problems adding their free card to the shopping card and they will overnight it for u for free ( just a card )

    I call plam and with no probles I got my 1gb card overnighted for free - just be nice 'couse in their legal says "This offer is not valid on previous purchases."
    but u will get it anyways
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    yup, done the same.

    mine should be in todays UPS delivery
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    I think you can still get the SD card + 100 developer discount?

    I gave up on my quest to get an early upgrade from verizon so I did this:

    1. Went here and activated the SD card offer

    2. Opened up another browser (you need to use the cookie so open up the same application), and went to plugged in to activate my $100 developer discount

    Both websites point to the same e-commerce web site, so when I checked out, I got the $100 + SD card in my receipt.

    Just my 2 cents..
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    I purchased directly from the Sprint store 2 days ago and paid the full $650 with the $25 month Power Vision. I just got off the phone with them and decided to go for it using the "it never hurts to ask" philosophy and this is what they did for me:

    $225 credit to my bill (I told her I was befuddled as to why someone new to Sprint could get the discount on the 700p but someone loyal to Sprint who ends up paying over $1500 every year can't)

    Free 500 text messages per month (I was dismayed to find out that since I was on the old Vision plan which included 500 texts per month that on the new Power Vision plan, texting is not included. I would have been charded 10 cents per. The lady at the Sprint store didn't say anything about this. You might all want to check to make sure about this one.

    Free calls after 7:00 pm-7:00 am

    Free Sprint to Sprint

    Free roaming

    10% discount on my bill for 2 years (This could add up to at least $300 over that time)

    I reduced my Power Vision plan from $25 to the $15 plan since I don't watch the TV stations. (Not part of a "deal" but saves me another $240 over 2 years.)

    And free 1 gig card on its way.

    Of course I was very polite and honest and had a very helpful Sprint rep. They've got my business for a long time to come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sarantis

    They've got my business for a long time to come.
    Yeah, I've been pretty jealous about Sprint's generous offers to its existing subscribers.

    I would love to jump over to Sprint, but it's coverage in Central NJ where I live does't compare to Verizon.....(no I'm not trying to flame the Sp vs VZ war)
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    I called palm yesterday afternoon about not receiving card and they shipped it overnight and i received it today.

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    I should add a caveat. I called Palm for the card and Sprint for the discounts. And I did have to re-up my plan for the 2 years.
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    I already got my 1gb card from Palm I called them a few days after I pre-ordered the 700p, and told them that I missed out. They took care of it
    Jimmie Geddes
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    How does one get the free 1 gb card if you got the phone through Sprint and not Palm directly?
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    i think us who paid retail from sprint are screwed, called palmstore she said only way would be return it to sprint and buy direct from them. $700+ later and cant get a 1gig sd card. She said we reward our customers (meanig palm online store customers) i said i have a PALM product, she said but you didnt buy it from us. Oh well guess no loyality for owning a 600 650 700W and a 700P
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    Watch the prices on SD cards. You can get a 1GB SD for $20 or less easily now. In addition, the 1GB that came from Palm was a MMC and a slow one at that.

    For Example:
    Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 700wx -> Mogul -> Touch Pro
    You may like to flash, but your phone shouldn't. LED Killer
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    Yeah Newegg rocks. Best webstore ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes
    I already got my 1gb card from Palm I called them a few days after I pre-ordered the 700p, and told them that I missed out. They took care of it
    Same here. I received mine yesterday by overnight UPS.
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