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    Have never needed to worry about this before but would like to know how to completely wipe the Treo 600 (sprint) - tried searching on 'hard reset' even searching the FAQ but no hits that helped.

    Would like to get rid of it and the two chargers I have as I have upgraded to the 650. Want to make sure I erase it and that it can be used by the person I sell it to.

    Stupid question as I have never sold an old phone before, but I assume this is done all the time and the buyer can just call Sprint to reactivate it? Want to insure they can do this but also that its not reactivated under my name or check my credit report in a couple months to see some phone issue on there.

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    You can wipe the phone clean by doing a hard reset (hold power button down while pressing reset with the stylus, wait for the palm logo, release power button, select delete all data). That will clear all your data off the T600. Once sold, as long as your sprint account was in good standing when you deactivated the T600, your buyer should have no problem activating it. You can always call Sprint, give them the ESN number of the T600 and double check that its free and clear of any billing issues.
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