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    Has anyone used the EBAY sites that now take your Treo and do the repair and then send it back for $10 or so more? The prices have come down a LOT on the second hand market and I'm debating it. It looks like a screen is going for about $50-75 plus shipping and having the vendor do the repair and ship the treo back costs about $80-$90 plus shipping. Either way it is better than PALM and $170. I'm just debating if it is worth $10-15 to have someone else do it if it isn't that difficult.

    Thank you

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    I would let them do it for 15.more but First see what nano will do it for
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    I ordered mine and did it myself, it's not too difficult and there is a video on yourtube detailing the process.

    But do not, DO NOT, order from MistyElectronics. They first sent me a cracked screen, then the wrong screen (for a 600), did not refund my shipping charges and had the nerve to give ME negative feedback.
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    I've done it too. It's really easy to install yourself. The hard part is opening the case.
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    In this day and age I would be afraid that someone else might swap parts on me, my good ones for ones that have been beat to hell and back while doing the screen.
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    Yep, my co-worker did it as well. He did it himself. Said that it was simple and it worked great!
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    You can do it yourself just be careful.

    I run a Treo repair business so I have done a lot of screen replacements. Although it is easy you have to be careful because it is easy to screw up or even break pieces on the mobo if you don't look out.

    Personally, I would not trust sending it off to one of these Ebay services.

    I also got a couple bad screens from Misty so I think I am done with him although he did have the best prices on them.
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    What tool and size do you need to unscrew the cover? the screws look to be star shaped and not hexagonal.

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    sorry...the link you proivided had the answer....T5 torx driver

    Thanks again
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    Be careful. I did this myself - however, ever since I did it, I have to recalibrate the touchscreen every day and some times more than once per day as the stylus/sreen quickly goes out of alignment (i.e. I try to touch a point on screen and it highlights item slightly above or below). I am not sure if it is the screen itself or it is an installation problem.

    BTW I also bought from misty and was sent a wrong screen - however he did correct it when I contacted him (I had to pay the return postage for their mistake).

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