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    I find that when I check mail using VersaMail, my screen is essentially locked on the mail application’s screen instead of letting me switch to something else like I’ve been able to do easily w/my 600 in the past. If this is an app specific thing, feel free to move my thread, guys. To me since I just got this, I'm wondering if it is a 700p issue vs. an app issue.

    To ME this is unusual only ‘cause this didn’t happen on my 600. As I noted, I could easily switch between apps while mail was being pulled. Anyone else have a workaround or some info on alternatives? I can’t remember what my mail app on my 600 was called, but I also liked the ability to delete messages that I knew were junk w/out having to open ‘em first.
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    I think this is the same as the 650 (don't have a 700p yet). You can't change screens while it's checking email.
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    The native email app for the 600 is called HS Mail. Bummer if VersaMail can't send/receive in the background. That's a step backward IMO.
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