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    I know that most do not enjoy Versamail, but it works for me. However, I have a MAC computer and when in insert my Verizon installation CD there is no Versamail application. Any ideas how I can get the Versamail for the 700p?
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    I use Sprint -- but VersaMail is supposed to be in ROM on the 700P, unless Verizon replaced it with their own application. Check under "all" on your home screen for the VersaMail icon.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I have a VZW 700p and there is no Versamail in ROM. Pisses me off. I have not yet opened up the CD but will soon. If it is not on there, I will be VERY, VERY, VERY pissed off.
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    What does Verizon have in it's place on the 700P?
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    Verizon has their wireless sync mail app in ROM.

    Versamail is on the CD - but the versamail installer only works on a PC
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    I have a MAC and you have to sunc your phone using the Palm Desktop software on the installation CD. After suncing, Versamail magically appears on your Verizon 700p...
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    Is it in ROM in Sprint? I was asking about this in another thread due to problems some are having with getting BBConnect to work on the 700. If it's not in ROM, I'm thinking you could simply install the BBConnect version of Versamail.

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    It does not appear to be in ROM....
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    It is in ROM, it's not called "VersaMail" on your screen though. It's an app. called "eMail" now.

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