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    hey dudes!

    A few months ago, the main treocentral page had a review for an app that could supposedly erase a lost/stolen treo, with an SMS message

    is that app still available? if so, where could I find it?

    any help is greatly appreciated! THANK YOU
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    and no --- my Treo has not been stolen - lol

    just taking extra security protections
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    do a search for mSafe - don't remember the developer, but is what I use.
    Can either just 'lock' the treo or 'wipe' all data on device and on card.
    by SMS of course

    There are others available as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjuhl
    ...There are others available as well
    Butler's one.
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    SWEET --- thanks guys!!!! - much appreciated

    do both these apps work on the TREO 700p?


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