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    I will be turning in my company owned T650 next week, so I need to get a new phone. I love my Treo so I am planning to get another one. I've always had Cingular, so I could get a T650 from them, but I'm really tempted by the T700p.

    Is the 700p worth it? If so, since it's not available from Cingular yet, should I just go with Verizon?
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    I have Cingular and hate it. I am switching back to Sprint.

    In Jan of 2006 consumer reports rated all the carriers based on a 50K survey in several markets.

    Cingular was worst in most. Verizon was best in all but one. Sprnt was in rhe middle, and TMobile was second in many markets.


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    The best advice is to ask people in your area. I have always had Cingular up till this week. I switched to Sprint and my coverage is actually better in my area for Sprint than Cingular. I was pleasantly surprised.
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