So a friend loaned me his Enfora Wifi sled this evening to try with the Treo. It is cool, and I didn't even need to hotsync to load the drivers, just copied them from the MAC zip file to my SD card and to the Treo with Filez. The wifi sled works, even in my MAC/WEP authenticated network. But, it's not all that much faster than using a Bluetooth Access point. (I have the Anycom AP) The most disappointing thing is that the Enfora wifi application takes over the Treo a little. It forces Blazer to always use its connection, making the switch back to GPRS/Edge difficult. Also, the Treo gets much hotter with the Enfora sled than when connecting using Bluetooth. In conclusion, I think if a person has a Bluetooth access point already, there is no need for the Enfora sled. If wifi is really important, then the sled is an option, but one that needs to be made with comprimise.