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    Has anyone experience this yet? I know it's a 3rd party app, just trying to figure out which one. I open blazer and there's a few second lag, white screen. It will open the home page then it resets my Treo. I was very careful with what I installed on the 700p coming from the 650, anyone have any ideas?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I'm not sure, but when that has happened to me I think it was a Ptunes [3.1.5] crash.

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    I thought it was gone didn't have a reset all day using blazer, and it just did. The error code I got using the system error log was "a reset was caused on 6/2/06 at 6:55pm while running "web"

    DataMgr.c, line:8674,DmWrite:
    DmWriteCheck failed with Err(0x0213)

    Can anyone tell anything from this?
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I was running Blazer, and it just crashed the system. Blazer wouldn't go anywhere and all my Contacts, Calender, and other add-ons such as X-Man were gone. When I attempted to do a HotSync, it gave me an error message saying that the port was in use. A soft reset didn't fix the problem. Neither did a system reset. I finally had to do a hard reset before I can HotSync again.

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