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    I am not a newbie but I have a problem that has me stumped. PLEASE HELP! I have spent TWO days trying to hot sync my 700p from a 650. I keep getting the following Hot sync manager error: "the notifier file C:\PROGRA~1\palmone\PACHAG~1\NPINstal.dll" was not found. Please check your configuration to correct this problem. Hotsync manager is skipping over this file.

    It will then not hotsync at all. PLEASE help! I have tried uninstalling all the software and reinstalling four times. same result. Thanks for trying!
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    Outlook or Palm desktop?
    Same userid for the 700P as the 650?
    Did you start with a clean install?

    Under Programs ==> in Windows Explorer, rename the Palm folder to PalmOld and then try the reinstall of the 700P CD.
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    Palm desktop. same user id. clean install. . i did the renaming of the palm folder to palmold. still get the same message that notifier file is missing. thanks for trying!
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    Did you do a "find or search" for that missing file using the PC's function for that? Also search any backups for it. If you find it -- copy it the the Palm folder under programs and to the Windows directory and see if this helps.

    I am searching my PC right now. No luck -- that file is not on my PC.
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    thanks for the idea....I did a luck. can anyone else find it? thanks for trying, very frustrating!!!
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    What is that PACHAG~ folder? Was that a program you installed and later deleted? It seems that it is now looking for it for some reason. If you can remember what program it was -- you could reinstall it? (Guessing.)

    Have you tried re-installing the 650 Desktop and then the 700P desktop right over it?
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    May or not be related but if you sync with ACT or other PIM it may help to uninstall the Palm link to that program and reinstall. Something with the old profile kept my 700 from doing a new sync until i did that. Hope that helps.
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    Here is the exact file (above had a typo,sorry):


    any ideas what this is and where I can find it? I did a seach on my computer to no avail. Thanks for trying

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