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    Who would be stupid enough to buy that for that price?

    *orders 2*

    And now:
    My 700P will be better than your 700p!

    The n00b!

    P.s. Bow before me!

    Don't just see the n00b, be the n00b! Wait, no...
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtonjack
    And I bet he has four tommorrow and the next day and the next
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    Supply and Demand...can't fault a brother for tryin' to make a buck.
    And yes, there is someone dumb enough to pay that, but that's what free economy is all about.

    By the way, I've got a McDonalds ketchup packet on sale for $200 if anyone's interested. It's only been used once and it was the last one in the little grey bucket. IM me if you're interested.
    The only thing that separates the men from the the lessons they learn.
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    I could name a couple of people who would buy it...
    at&t iPhone3G
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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart
    I could name a couple of people who would buy it...
    Bill Gates?
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    Say, is that ketchup Hein or Hunt's?
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    Uh, that's Heinz
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnieeve
    Uh, that's Heinz
    dagnabit! I was looking for a del monte!

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