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    THis is my first post here.

    I'm really looking for ease of use in managing Tasks and To Do's. Both Agendus and Agenda Fusion are advertised as "the best".

    Can anyone provide any suggestions on which one is the best? Which one do you like better? Why is one worse than the other?

    I have a Treo 700P

    I'm also trying to identify the best rated Wireless blue tooth headset for my Treo 700P, but I"m having trouble finding headsets with reviews that work for the 700P.

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    Try them both, if you try Agendus make sure you test out the new Beta. I like it a lot better than previous versions. I use the agenda version and the calendar version with icons for most of my work and it helps keep me on the top of my game!
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    Agenda fusion is only available for windows mobile.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmie Geddes
    Agenda fusion is only available for windows mobile.
    Since we're talking about a 700P I guess it's moot...but...

    I've used both platforms and both applications. I prefer Agendus to Agenda fusion. Perhaps its because Agenda Fusion works with the original (lousy) pocket outlook database...but I just found it very limiting. It does add a ton of flexibility and a lot of nice features but no matter how many "add ons" they seem to add, the basic contact data it keeps seemed a little too basic. It was also kind of slow compared with my experience on the 650 and Agendus.

    Agendus is, IMHO, the best contact management software for the 650/700. It's very robust, fast, and it looks great on a 320x320 screen. There's lots of USEFUL features in it and many different contact, task and calendar views that make it very customizable and flexible to your individual needs.

    Hey - they didn't even pay me to say that.
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    I agree....Agendus is the best contact/to-do/task/calendar app for the 700p. I've been using it for several versions and it keeps getting better.

    Once you use it, you will be hooked.
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    Thanks for the replys guys.

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