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    You could try e-mailing the file to your Treo.
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    I have been trying all different ways to get this working but can't...

    everything i do ends up with the dialer saying Error 678 The Remote Computer Did not Respond. I am trying to connect from my hpdv2000 on Windows XP via bluetooth. The devices definitely are paired and when i try to connect i get the icon with the bluetooth and laptop on my treo... still dialer error 678.

    any suggestions?
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    I've been getting that too. I wonder if sprint changed something on their end. Has this been working for anyone else lately? I had it working before hand.

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    I just remembered that I did a hard reset a while back, I reinstalled the hack and it works now. I would suggest making sure you put the hack in the RAM properly.

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    I won a Samsung Q1 UMPC and have been using the tethered modem hack on it with no problems. I have been using USB Modem, and also the Sprint Connection manager.
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    Would it be possible for someone to post a "step-by-step walk-through for dummies" for getting the hack to work with a 700p and a Windows XP VAIO notebook via the included USB cable (my VAIO does not have built-in bluetooth), including software that needs to be installed (Sprint connection software, USB driver, etc.), settings, usernames/passwords, etc., etc.? I've been perusing all 19 pages of this thread but can't find what I'm looking for...

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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46
    I have gone through 2 billing cycles now and I still have my old PCS vision plan and have not been billed for power vision or my tethered hack which I have been using like crazy. The hack does what it is supposed to do. To sprint it just looks like data.

    I agree ... I have just gone through my second billing cycle after accidently leaving my connection active for more than 24 hours, with Eudora getting my mail every 15 minutes on my laptop and with Drudgereports active doing refreshes every so often (about 1 minute or so) and not a single extra charge.

    I am using the hack and PDANet in normal mode (not proxy mode).

    jamesalexander (at)
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    Hi Reubkov,

    they actually made this hack pretty easy to install. Take a look post #195. Post #165 had some problem but steps look good, not sure what he did wrong. too bad there are too many pages of "talks" but just focus on people who were able to installed... I actually print it out so I can follow.

    Oh my question is now, how do I uninstall/delete? I tried to just delete, but "Error: Database: database protected (Dm021B), I did do a softreset before delete. any suggestion? well, I guess I'll keep it

    the speed test is kinda sad. maybe because I am in the office building? but my phone sign seems to be full bar.

    Your download speed : 213 kbps or 26.6 KB/sec.
    That is 65.9% worse than an average user on
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    @ Reubkov,

    These are the steps I took for USB connection. I used the same for BT with little variation:

    Must install Resco explorer (on your 700p) and the tether mode hack (on your SD card)(hack is on page 1 of this tread). Resco: (trial will do)

    Must use Resco explorer to move the hack into RAM from SD card.

    On your PC: Must have Sprint PCS Connection Manager for Phone as Modem/USB Cables

    On your PC goto the control panel and click on "network and internet connections" in category view or "internet options" in classic view xp or in any other flavor of windows. We want to "setup or change your internet connection." "setup" a new internet connection, and the wizard will open. Choose "connect to the internet" and hit next, and set up a connection manually. We will be using a dial up modem, hit next. Choose a name, prefereably something that you would associate with a wireless modem. The phone number will be #777, enter it in and hit next. The name and password we will leave blank, hit next. This will probably not be your primary internet connection, so uncheck "make this the default internet connection." It would be a good idea to leave the other one checked. Hit next. you may want to make a shortcut to the desktop. clicking on finish should close the wizard.

    Dialup your modem. double click your new connection to bring up the "connect <whatever you called it>" menu. The input fields for name and password should be blank, the number to dial should be set to #777. The properties button gives you the option to pick the modem you want to use, put the check mark on the "PALM modem" and hit ok. Hit dial. You should be online shortly. You can now "tether" at will.
    (Partial credit to spymongoose and TC)

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for your work on this!

    It connected easily to my Powerbook G4. Mac users: You cannot install this file using "Send file to Bluetooth". It won't chuck a wobbly or anything, but it just won't work. You have to transfer via the SD card and then copy through Resco Explorer. As an Explorer n00b, this took me a moment to figure out (drag and drop.. okay, I'm not very quick).

    After resetting, I re-paired the device as a mobile phone with my Mac and checked the box saying I wanted to share it's internet connection (I'm not sure, but you may need to be connected to PowerVision for the Mac to spot this).

    I had to enter my and my password, but it sounds like YMMV. 333 down, 64 up. Not bad at all.
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    Well I installed the file by opening it up on my computer and letting it install via the hotsync client and it sent my 700p into an endless reset loop. I had to do a hard reset to fix it. Any suggestions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandi
    @ Reubkov,

    These are the steps I took for USB connection. I used the same for BT with little variation:


    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for the thorough recap! I'll try this when I get back home tonight!

    To All, it is absolutely important that you download the file to an SD card and then "Install to RAM" with Resco. I tried other means, like 'emailing the prc to myself' and downloading it to the installed memory on the Palm - neither of these things worked for me.

    I've already setup a Powervision password. Should I still keep my settings blank on the browser?
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    This works like a charm. Amazing!
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    Just a quick note to anyone looking to remove the hack. Since it is technically a system patch, you'll need to reset your phone while holding the "up" key. This performs a no-notify reset that doesn't load system patches (or notify any programs of startup). This should remove any OS locks on the file that prevent it from being removed...
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    This works perfectly. For those wondering, in Resco explorer "copy to ram" is the same as install to ram on the first few pages of the thread. Being a newbie to Resco a took me a while to figure that out. Thanks!
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    Anyone find a solution yet for the BT disconnecting after several minutes on OSX?
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    Quote Originally Posted by camhabib
    Anyone find a solution yet for the BT disconnecting after several minutes on OSX?
    What works for me most of the time is keeping a small amount of data transfer going, like setting email client to send/receive once a minute.
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    I havethis same problem with DUN on my 650. (Sprint disconnecting). It seems this only happens if there is no activity. I did the same fix and just left my email prgam open and checked mail every 2 mins.
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    So, to sum my question up, if you use the hack, is there any advantage to using pdanet versus the pcs connection manager? PDAnet claims to potentially double your speed.

    In addition, does PDAnet work without PAM and NOT using Proxy mode? If it doesn't than I'll go hack because proxy is supposed to be noticeably slower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mandi
    On your PC: Must have Sprint PCS Connection Manager for Phone as Modem/USB Cables
    This was a dead link for me. Go here: and select the connection manager for phone as modem/usb

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