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    My wife's phone has glitched. The keypad, including the dial, hangup/power, calendar, menu, etc., keys don't work.

    SHe didn't drop it or immerse it or otherwise abuse it. I have tried the various forms of resets. I bet it is a software or firmware problem, but I have been wrong before.

    Before I saddle up and ride the Cingular help trail, any suggestions out there?

    I'm conversant in SD card, ROMTool, etc., so am game to try any fix that might work.

    Cingular Treo 650
    FW 01.51 SW Treo650-1.b17-CNG
    Mac OSX.4.6
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    Not sure if this is your problem, but one of your keys may be stuck. Other people have had this problem. It hasn't happened to me yet so I can't really help you any more than point you to other threads.

    Here is how to fix it.

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