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    Hi, all.

    After trying out a couple of apps that I like (Agendus and Splash ID) and that run from the SD card without a problem, I'm now worried about data security. Don't want to lose the card and have all that data readily available. I'd like to find something for running apps from the card without having to encrypt/decrypt every time I run the app.

    mEncryptor's Secure Folder option looks like it might work, but it appears that all of the files for the program need to be in one folder. Has anyone tried mEncryptor with Agendus or Splash ID? How did it work? Are there other options out there? Should I just run them from the Treo and let the secure backups be the only thing on the card? What do you think?

    SecureX sounds like there are too many problems (folks losing data, corrupt databases, etc.)

    Basically, I want to store the data securely on the card without having to encrypt/decrypt every time I access the programs. Perhaps just entering a password when I put in the card or remove it? Or am I wanting the best of both worlds?

    All thoughts and suggestions welcome. Thank you.
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    I think you're asking for too much.

    By the very nature, a program can't encrypt on removal because as soon as you remove the card the palm doesn't have access to it.

    What's wrong with using splashID? It should encrypt and everything should be secure until the next time you access the program. Nobody can crack it on the card or otherwise unless they have the password.
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    Thanks for the reply. I understand what you're saying about card removal. And that makes sense. Was a bad example on my part.

    Splash ID does work that way, but other programs like Agendus don't. I'd like to lock down all the info on the card, be able to run the app from the card, but only have to enter a password once to unlock all of it.

    SecureX and mEncryptor seem to be close to what I want. But wanted to put this out there in case there was something better that I didn't find. There used to be a program called SecureCard which sounded closer to what I'm looking for, but it doesn't appear to be around any more.
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    I was also interested in SecureX, which is currently at version 1.0 I believe. Anyone out there have any experience with it, either good or bad?


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