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    I read several threads and have searched and can't find the answer. I even RTFM...

    In the main phone screen, there is the icon for the tower and next to it you will see the singnal strength. The signal icon has an extra bar now (I assume to compete with Cingular (al la Spinal Tap)). There are the two arrows like the 650 had above the signal strength, but they go up and down (not left to right like the 650). If I read the manual right, if they are green, it's Vision, it they are blue, its Power Vision. Is this correct?

    So my question is , what's the little box to the left of the location and BT icons? I see the little arrows in there turn blue sometimes, I assume this is a data icon too, but why two of them? I also have been the whole area as a green block with "EV" (I think) in the middle of it. I never see this icon in Blazer.

    Can anyone explain this please
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    It seems the Radio Splash Screen Mod is making the green "EV" show up. I deleted the file and it went away. So I assume that the Green EV box is the OEM non-branded release and Sprints carrier/custom file overwrites it. Simular to Sprint 700P's not having a Radio on indicator (LED flashing green), because Verizon people say their 700p's have this feature (green flashing LED).
    I also have my call duration back that was missing from the Sprint file overwrite.

    The OEM EvDO symbol is a lot easier to see IMHO

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