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    I have read everyone's nightmare on their TREO getting in a rebooting frenzy. Mine is a little different scenario. My email works great, and for a year, it deleted as it was supposed to. One day it just started rebooting everytime I deleted an email. The good news is it actually does erase the just takes a tremendous amount of time to go through 100 emails. If I erase multiple emails or purge, it also reboots...but it doesn't actually perform the function. I've uninstalled the PC software, hard reboot, soft rebooted, called my priest, and nothing seems to work (however i'm forgiven for my cursing).

    Anybody have any experience with this and are there any solutions to 'my' nightmare?
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    What email app are you using?
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    Currently using Chapura/pocketmirror - the included email app included in the startup CD. The email is only downloaded via the Internet. This is actually phone #2 with the same problem. I had some other communication errors with the last one...then I though I had an email issue with the hardware. But when the new worked wonderfully (actually keeps a tower communication), and the email deletion still doesn't work, I figure that it has to be something in my backup directory...pc related...that's telling my phone something it doesn't like. Problem is, I still can't find where that backup or piece of software communication with the email is. I'm also on Sprint if that makes a difference. Hope this helps...
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    I think only you and one other person use that mail progy. Just get Snapper mail and end the nightmare
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    Clairegrrl, lol...I wish you'd be direct with me. Checking it out. Any other issues I will have to contend with (ie. uninstalling the Chapura) if I get the snappermail? Thanks for you help....
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    Chapura is the progy that hotsyncs to palm desktop or outlook. I dont think you want to get rid of that.
    Well behaved women rarely make history

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