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    Hey all,

    Apologies in advance for my ignorance. I've just purchased a Treo 650 the other day, and honestly, this really is my first time using a Palm device. I have a few questions, but here's one that's on my mind right now...

    I installed Acrobat Reader and downloaded a .PDF document. I saved it to the Card. I opened op Acrobat, and the file is not listed. Do all documents need to be put into a default folder? I can't "open" a file from the card.

    Like I said, I'm pretty raw when it comes to the Palm OS, so any help is appreciated.

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    you have to convert adobe pdf documents using a desktop converter, then you can transfer to the palm to use the adobe reader. With this method, you cannot get pdfs by download or by email and read them with adobe reader.

    Alternatively you can get palm pdf reader which will read native pdf that you download or get by email. Documents to go 8 does this too
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    Thanks. When I get home, I will look into converting. What app can I do that in?

    Also, I'm gonna need to look into a good file management utility.
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    if you want to go to the extra trouble of converting using adobe reader, go ahead.

    but if you do not want to hassle with the conversions, just delete your adobe reader and get the free program called palm pdf converter. It reads pdfs automatically right on your palm.
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    Keep in mind that the Palm device is quite different from a Windows computer and although some applications can open many Windows type files, many will require to be "converted" into a format that the Treo can handle.

    The Palm can only handle .prc (Palm program) and pdb (Palm database files) plus other formats that you first need to install before you can get the Palm to open them. So, if you find files that are in .exe, you'll need to install it first in Windows, and if in .zip or .rar, you'd need to decompress them in Windows.

    Mind you, the Palm has come a long way since a decade ago with the Palm Pilot.
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