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    I'm so mad that I didn't wait for the 700p. I currently have the W, and the more I use it, the more I miss the Palm OS. I can't wait to save enough money to justify purchasing another $600 phone...
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    Well it depends on why you need it. I have both now and for my uses the W seems to be as good as the P. It's funny because the multimedia experience on the P seems to be better but I use mine as a business device first. So things like playing Orb don't really excite me and SprintTV seems to be pretty overrated at the moment. I like Chattermail's features but for simply pushing email from an exchange server Pocket Outlook is a little more efficient plus it will sync your contacts and PIM info. The good thing about Chattermail and other PalmOS apps is that they are updated more frequently so there is a good chance that in a month or two Chattermeail will do some of the things it's missing now.

    I still haven't decided which one I will keep. Just my 2 cents though.
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    Sell the 700w on ebay!
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    Sell it on Ebay...........You should get at least $359.99. That is how much the 700p is here.
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    Also, maybe someone would be willing to trade their p for your w
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    Trade a P for a W?? No thanks, Ebay it
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenlion
    Also, maybe someone would be willing to trade their p for your w
    Trade a P for a W? Ok, and I'll trade you this nickle for that dime you have there. The nickle is bigger, so it's worth more.

    And now:
    My 700P will be better than your 700p!

    The n00b!

    P.s. Bow before me!

    Don't just see the n00b, be the n00b! Wait, no...
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    I've been totally disappointed with WM 5 versus Palm OS. So, my W and my Samsung i730 are going up on ebay as soon as I get my P...hopefully tomorrow.

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