This is my first message in this excellent forum!

There is a free application called AutoSync, that allows you to perform a hotsync every time you connect the Palm to the PC.

Here´s a description from the PalmAddicts:

"SyncLaunch is made for Palm handhelds which connect to the desktop using a USB cable, though it works with Hotsync cradles as well.

After you install and activate SyncLaunch, hotsync will begin automatically when you plug in the cable. The handheld must be powered on when you connect.

- Install SyncLaunch using Palm Desktop.
- Open SyncLaunch, tap 'Activated', and then exit the program.
- Make sure your device is powered on. Connect the USB cable or HotSync cradle.
- Hotsync begins automatically.
- Please 'De-Activate' SyncLaunch before deleting the application from your Palm.

Some devices may not need to be powered on when connecting the cable."

Link: http://freewarepalm.com/utilities/synclaunch.shtml

Have you ever tried it? Does it work well or it crashes or reset your pda?

Thanks and God bless you,