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    I am getting a cant connect with pc error.
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    Not sure if it's the same problem, but when I got my 700p I also couldn't sync. I spent an hour on the phone with Sprint Tech support who told me the phone was broken and to return it. As a last resort, I ended up wiggling the USB connection, and then my computer found the Palm, but said it was missing the appropriate driver. I then went into Device Managers and had it find the appropriate driver from the disk, and that make it work.

    Now it syncs and works great! Hope this helps!

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    i had a problem like this, i hotsynced once and it worked fine but after that it didnt want to work on that usb port for some reason, moved it to another port, worked once, moved it again and been working perfect ever since. so yeah try switching usb ports
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    <Help Desk>When are getting this error? Do you have existing HotSync software (e.g. from 650, handhelds)? Did you sync before prompted to do so?

    Just throwing those questions out there to best help you troubleshoot the issue.</Help Desk>
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    i had active sync for 700w
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    It's probably best to start with a clean install of Palm software on your computer. A bit of a pain, depending on how much stuff you have, but it's easier than trying to debug a potential syncing software issue.
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    got it guys it was the drivers. I had to get the drivers off the cd.
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    Had the same problem. It was the drivers for me as well. Just go into device manager and update it for Palm. Glad it wasn't a big problem.

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    I had trouble hotsynching. It was the included cable. I had another cable that came with the cradle I bought and when I replaced the original cable it worked fine.
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