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    I just got my 4GB 150x TRanscend card. First thing I did was pop it in my Treo 650 and format it, it all looked beatiful, 3.8 GB free. Then when I put it in my laptop's SD card reader, my laptop froze a little for a second, and just had an inaccesible "Removable Disc" instead of my treo card, which I can format or access at all. I tried it in another laptop SD card reader and it was he same thing. I tried it in my Dad's laptop reader and it worked perfectly. I guess he has a slightly newer laptop (I got inspiron 700m and he gots like inspiron 6000). I tried formatting it using that, then trying it on my laptop, still won't work. Anybody come across this problem? know how to fix it? You think a USB card reader would work? Any windows software updates (theres no transcend drivers on their site)? Thanks alot.
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    No updated that I know of. There are some readers that just have problems. Some won't read. Some will read, but won't format correctly. I know I have issues with some readers with 2gb cards.

    Try a different brand/model of card reader. Maybe one that specifies that it works with 4gb cards.
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    I've just been using "Softick Card Export" and leaving it in the Treo to transfer. It takes like 40 minutes to write 1 GB of MP3s. I don't know how fast this is, but its better than nothing.

    Also, mOcean doesn't work anymore, but Ptunes does.

    I guess some software doesn't support the file system or size either.

    If anybody has any solutions to mOcean problem or know if usb card reader is fast, please tell. Thanks.
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