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    I just became interested in printing from my vdx so I have not done a tremendous amount of research in the area. What I am looking for is an app that can print via ir. Most importantly it should be able to print from wordsmith as well as todo, address, etc. Thanks for any advice.
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    WordSmith .docs cannot be printed (yet).

    Bruce, The PDA P.A.
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    PalmPrint is probably the most widely supported print driver in 3rd party software today.

    TealPrint is probably one of the better and more powerful print drivers, giving you lots of options. Support using a graphical printing mode and loadable font styles. It is gaining more and more 3rd party support.

    PrintBoy is nice but the added royalty based developer fees keep some 3rd party developers away, which is a shame.

    IrPrint, who I have only read about and can not provide a link, is a free solution for printing some of the built in databases (address, datebook, todo, etc.).

    (Our products support the first 2 listed here)

    Hope that helps some.

    Bryan Nystrom
    Natara Software, Inc.

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