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    The data connection (as indicated by the presence of the arrows) often drops out when the phone is not in use for awhile. Thus, many times I access email or the web the phone has to reconnect and sign back in. Can't figure a way to adjust anything in the network connections that will help. (BTW, I did not have this problem with the Vz T650.) I called Vz tech support and they said this is the way it has been set up because people complained about constant background data connects on the 650.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, any ideas on a solution?
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    I have my 700 checking e-mail every five minutes, so the connection doesn't close. (I assume you checked to see if any of your apps are set to close the connection.) I have noticed that after 10pm when I no longer have it check, it does drop the connection. But it is reconnected at 5:30 when the checking starts again. So, if VZW is doing it on purpose, you may need to have something regularly look for data to keep the connection alive.
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    Yes, doing a periodic mail poll would likely keep the connection active, but I often like to turn off polling when I know I won't be checking email to save battery life. Chatter is so fast in pulling down mail, that I often just sync when I need to. I don't know what app I could use to regularly keep data active other than polling email...
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    When I first got the 700p, I set up Chatter to have all my mailboxes always online, thinking that with EvDO I could now afford to do that. But I still got those periodic popup messages when the phone re-made the data connection. And the phone is locked up temporarily when that happens, or even when Chatter polls the network in the background. Battery life is another real issue with frequent data calls. Seems worse now with the 700p--maybe EvDO radio is more power-hungry?

    Anyway, I'm back to periodic syncs.

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