I currently have a treo 600 which I sync to my office computer through Palm Desktop. It works great, but I want to upgrade to the 700p. What is the problem you ask? Well, my office IT people, dinosaurs that they are, refuse to install the syncing software for any Treo later than the 600. They say it conflicts with our network, which is apparently held together with chewing gum.

I'm trying to figure out a workaround because I don't want to give up the ability to sync. One way would be to sync to Yahoo Calendar at home and then work off of Yahoo Calendar at work instead of Palm Desktop. But then I can't sync changes to my calendar during the day - and sometime there are a lot.

Is there a way to sync wirelessly to Yahoo so that I could do it from my office? Or is there some other workaround that someone could suggest? I'd rather keep using Palm Desktop than use Yahoo calendar.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!