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    Have not heard anything yet. I am actually in California at a sales meeting and will be getting with several of the engineers and will see if I can find anything new.
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    Have exactly the same issue though happens more than once a day. Huge PITA. Any resolution yet?
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    I have also had to rese t my phone on a daily bases. i did not have this problem with the 650.Are they going to fix the problem, or do i need to dump the program and use something else?
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    Same problem here on a Verizon Treo 700p. #*#377# shows a fatal exception in GoodLink. Before installing GoodLink the Treo worked fine.
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    May I also add that since installing GoodLink on my Treo 700p (Sprint), my phone's battery is draining at a ferocious pace! At the same time, the phone gets very warm. I tried setting the GoodLink e-mail to "Work Offline" (which defeats the purpose of push e-mail) and that helps a little, but not very much. I also now have multiple random auto-resets happening. I'd also like to uninstall GoodLink to return to a stable phone state.

    That being said, the GoodLink software looks fantastic and I'd much rather find a solution to the software/battery issue and keep the application!

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    I too suffer from the quick battery drain. IMO Good has never truly corrected the issues with server connection/disconnection. Even though the newer versions supposedly let you Quit GMM and Work Offline, I have found these to be false senses of security.

    If I start my device it will sit there with no data connection active. Once I satrt GMM the UMTS data connects and never disconnects. Even if I put GMM into Offline mode or Quit Good ,the connection still persists and doubles the drain on my battery (even though the Goodapp.exe may shutdown you will see that several Good related services are still running in the background). The only remedy is to soft reset and not turn GMM on until I need it (and unfortunately Work Offline will not survive the soft reset. I never understood this because GMM litters the registry with literally hundreds of entries but can't seem to add one more to tell Work Offline to stay either on or off). Because of this problem I have actually created a Mortscript that resets my phone every hour and gives me a chance after restart to cancel the starting of GMM. This has significantly increased my battery time.

    But supposedly 5.0 will be out in a few more months. Maybe it will fix some things.
    Treo 750 - Cingular/ATT
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    What client ver. of GMM is everyone running? I'm on and i haven't had this resetting issue. I do notice that my 700p will slow down then catch up to itself if i hit the phone or home buttons. I too have the rapid battery drain issue too. Tested when GMM was working offline and then online and not much of a difference. Before I install GMM the battery life would last my about 1.5 days. With GMM depending if working off/online about 9 hrs. max without charging it.
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