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    I'm coming off the Cingular network and it kicks the EDGE network in the ****. This is much faster than the 8125 I had.
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    I was in SF and saw my Treo doing EVDO for the first time. I almost drop tears of joy It was really fast, but it seems that it flactuates. We also tested the killer feature of the Treo 700p. While streaming music I asked my dad to call me and wow.... the music paused and the call came in. After that the music continued playing...!!!! WOOOWW WOOWW. I can't wait for EVDO to be rolled out in freaking Modesto.

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    This is much faster, but is there a way to DISABLE BLAZER CACHE?
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    I had EvDO with my 6700 and the 700p seems to be a little bit faster. Lovin it...
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    Treolo... your 700p "flactuates"? Well, that really stinks!

    Seriously... I am glad I am waiting to get the 700P.... I really want it, but want y'all to work out the bugs first. Thanks for being on the bleeding edge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malatesta
    It'd be interesting to see a 10mb download (file) between the two devices to really compare, though general reports suggest WM can handle the bandwidth more (but palm is more efficient).
    With my Sprint 700p in Boston EVDO area, I downloaded a 27mb podcast to my SD card by clicking on it in Blazer in 8 minutes.
    3mb a minute is not bad for a phone, I couldn't even imagine trying to download a 27mb file on my 650, it would take forever.
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    Just for some reference, I am getting about 111-117k on my Verizon 650 on the 600k test. Not too bad and will have to live with that since no EVDO in my area.
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    The dslreports test just isn't accurate for reasons already stated. At I get 500-700kbps rates while dsl reports gives me under 200. Blazer is still too slow at rendering, and WebPro on my Treo 600 still allowed me to begin reading text on a loading page more quickly in some cases, but overall EVDO is dramatically faster for me. Still, it is subject to hanging, but when it gets a good burst, it's getting around 50KBps which is about what I get on my LAN at work!
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