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    pTunes: can the version loaded in ROM "see" skins? I loaded one on but can't figure out how to select it. I used pTunes on my 650 and there was a selection in the Skins menu to pick a skin.

    On Demand: I know that for everyone, Handmark recently made News, Sports and Weather free. Other services have a fee. When I tried Handmark Express (same app) on my 650 and it tried to access one of these pay services, it would say something about setting up a trial. For the On Demand included with the 700p, it simply says checking subscription and then goes ahead and provides the service (like directions, for example) without mentioning any charge. Am I to conclude that we are given complementary access to all On Demand functions?
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    I believe On Demand is included free with the Premium Vision Packages...
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    If the probelm is that you can't use them from the card... try putting the skin in ram and then use ptunes to move it to the card.

    ** Disclaimer: I don't have a 700p yet**
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    Well, I just figured out that if you activate the "Bonus" feature on the included pTunes, you get the ability to choose different Skins.

    Now the big problems: no equalizer, no Ogg Vorbis, and you don't even get them if you take the free upgrade to 3.1.5. You have to upgrade all the way to pTunes Deluxe to get those features back.

    With the free pTunes for the Treo 600, at least I could make use of the Ogg plug in, the equalizer, etc. Why won't the built-in version on the 700p let me do these things?

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