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    First of all my sprint rep shipped my treo 700p to FAIRMONT,FL instead of Miramar, FL. When I checked the ups site, I seen Fairmont,FL because that was the tracking number the second rep gave me. I know yesterday was memorial day, but I expected to get my treo 700p before 8:43pm. UPS is really getting slow. They usually pass around 10am! I thought they would leave the treo without a signature but I found that to be wrong. I called UPS and told them I would come and pick up my treo because delivering my treo at 8:43pm was not acceptable. So I have to drive 36 mintunes to UPS at 8:00am today!!
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    Yesterday was memorial day?

    Unless this thread is showing wrong, you've posted this message at 12:20AM EST on Thursday June 1st. Therefore yesterday was not memorial day. In fact, even the day before yesterday was not memorial day (i.e. Tuesday). And why do you have to drive there at 8AM? And why was 8:30PM unacceptable? And why does liquid soap have an expiration date?!

    I'm so confused. I need a drink.

    And now:
    My 700P will be better than your 700p!

    The n00b!

    P.s. Bow before me!

    Don't just see the n00b, be the n00b! Wait, no...
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    One thing about shipping companies is that they all pretty much suck balls in one way or another. DHL is better than UPS or FedEx but FedEx and UPS give better discounts to big companies like sprint.

    UPS residential shipments are supposed to be delivered by 7pm and business by 5 (usually MUCH earlier).

    As far as when they pass by your house...routes change, usually around business customers. If a truck has a lot of business deliveries to do they'll usually do those first and then get around to residentials and pickups.

    They all suck, however, both UPS and FedEx guys that deliver to my work are great and very fun to talk to.
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    I already had the drinks and I am confused....

    I think the OP is saying UPS victimized him somehow...Maybe the brown package car was overly dirty or something. The package car is brown and dirt is generally brown.

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    I know they go to business owners first because I am a Fed Ex Dock Manager. Dam today is thursday already? So UPS had no reason to really be that late. All the drivers are supposed to stop sevice at 7pm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cccablecompany
    I know they go to business owners first because I am a Fed Ex Dock Manager. Dam today is thursday already? So UPS had no reason to really be that late. All the drivers are supposed to stop sevice at 7pm.
    I believe so because they are supposed to unload at 8pm at the main hub so that the necessary packages can get on their way and so that air packages can make it to the airport.

    Or something like that.
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    Get over it, on overnight delivery it's super saver which means that you will get it late in the business day, generally near the end at say after 5 or 6 because it's had to be overnighted and on a later set of trucks than your normal local trucks deliveries.

    UPS is always getting me my stuff around noon but my Treo came at about 6:30 because it was done super saver overnight, not am overnight.
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    UPS is crap. They don't deliver well, don't honor insurance, and overall treat customers poorly.

    Fedex and DHL are WAY better. I use them exclusively, even when UPS is cheaper (which is rare...for me Fedex is always cheaper for 1-2 day), for the peace of mind.
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    Yup, I am one of the preload Fed Ex dock managers during the hours of 12am-11am. The preload starts at 3:30am and ends at 7:30am. At 7:30am all the trucks should be loaded and ready to make serivce. Package handlers are out of the building no later than 7:45am. See the driver for UPS that tried to deliver my treo must have had more than 4 packages left to deliver. If you come back with 4 or more package undelivered is a automatic write-up. You can only bring back 3 packages back a day undelivered! You gotta make service.
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    I had to wait till 9pm today (12am MDT) for my UPS tracking to show up on UPS site which I was told by Sprint shipped today. On the site it still says "Billing Recieved".

    My company uses Fedex and everytime Fedex picks up packages, their site is updated at maximum 1 hour after pick up and it would say "Picked up at xxxxxx Location".
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    See at Fed Ex we have contracts with Nextel,T-mobile,BBB,Walmart,Kmart,Target,BestBuy and alot of major companies. UPS is nothing more than slackers. If lots of sprint consumers complain about UPS deliveries, we might just take their contact. DHL is the same company as airborne express, they mostly get things from overseas. They are expanding now. #1 Fed Ex, #2 DHL, #3 USPS, #4 UPS.
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    Marlena charged me 499.99 for the phone so don't feel so bad for the address boo-boo. She owes me a hundred bucks.
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    I would agree Fedex #1, DHL #2.

    I would send via USPS before UPS, mainly due to price.
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    I go w/ FedEx over DHL...I rather not have those stuck-up Europeans profit from me. However, I can't seem to quit drinking their beer.
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    braves she charged me 429.99 because i told her is was listed on the website at the time.Now its 399.99 so i have to call back to get that adjusted.

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