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    Is there an easy way to get to the calibration? (or Get Time / Get Time Zone) ... my calibration is so far off I can't even get to the Preferences. Have tried soft reset, warm reset and hard reset. Can't get to the calibration screen. Help!!
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    Fuhgetit ...... just did another hard reset and finally got the little target calibration thingies. Everything's ok .. again ... for now.
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    do you have a screen protector installed? cause i had this problem on my treo 650 and it was the screen protectors fault cause i installed it too far beneith the lower edge of the screen.
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    When I removed the battery I lost the calibration, other soft resets have not lost the settings.
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    Works on my Sprint 700p...
    at&t iPhone3G
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    same problem for me too..... was driving me crazy and was always after a reset. glad i am not the only one!! i deselected the time zone and will report back what happens next time i reset.....
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