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    I'm seeing a horrible memory leak in hotsync.exe (or one of the conduits). After about 6 syncs it has grown to 25K on my NT4 box, and seems to be growing with each sync. i'm going to see if i can get it to 30K ...oh yeah, it's 35K after just 4 more syncs!

    I just installed Vindigo, and I don't know if the memory leak has been there before. Can Vindigo (MobileLink conduit) have anything to do with this? I assume a conduit is a DLL that stays loaded in hotsync.exe's space?

    Anybody else seeing this? Any known workarounds (short of restarting HotSync Manager)? Do you think reporting this to Palm will be useful?

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    Win2k task manager says my HotSynch app uses 608k of memory.
    Matt Nichols

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