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    hello & thx in advance for the help.

    how do you transfer video & pix from your phone to your smart card?

    i can't seem to navigate the OS to get these files from the phone to the card.

    i have to turn in the phone tomorrow and don;t want to lose pics & vid on the phone.

    thx again.
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    To copy the media to the card, simply go to the camera function and then the album icon where you can see thumbnails of the photos. Use the drop down menu to view 'all'. Click the menu button and select the 'copy to card' option. This should give you the option to check the ones you want to copy and it will be done.
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    use the media application, same one you view your pics and vids. either move them one by one or group them in an albumn and move the albumn.
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    you can't move files larger than 256K to the card via that app.

    i was able to tranfer them once i was in the card app.

    thx for the quick reply. i believe i have my files transported.

    now i need to make sure the format is viewable in windows. i'm sure i can get a view.
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    You can look at Palm File Browser, it'll move things around for you. Ben

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