I downloaded and installed the Blackberry Connect software on my 650:


inserted the SIM that came in my company issued crack-berry, fired it up, and after a little tweaking, I am fully functional.

Versamail has some notable deficiencies, ie, you cannot schedule a meeting and invite others (BB can) or pull down contacts (only the email address). This was a small sacrifice to keep the Treo.

With all respect to teh BB fanatics (I am a Treo-fanatic, so I get it) I cannot understand why anyone (unless the deficiencies are critical) would use a BB with this available on the Treo - which is why I cannot understand the delay in BBC being generally available.

Right out of the box, my BB has a cradle, that cannot charge the device - you need to dock it, then plug in the cord...... My sister (proud owner of a 700p) and I joke that the BB reminds us of the Maxwell Smart shoe phone (again, apologies to BB fans everywhere).

I was at a point where I would be forced to carry two devices, or drop my 650 - BBC is a huge advantage to the Treo,