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    So I tried to reinstall the many things I bought for my Treo650 after asking Sprint Customer Support if they'd work with my 700p which I got yesterday.

    Sure they said!

    Well they lied.

    I've tried to redownload (from Sprint's my content manager on the website and phone) the programs/games I've purchased, including MsPacman, Galaga, PocketTunesDeluxe, etc. When I click on them, it says, "sorry, this application not approved for this device."


    I call again. Upset. 37 minutes later, the CS person says, sorry, try, getting them from your backup folder (nonexistant after hd failure) (and my T650 has already been wiped!). I tried one from my old computer's back upfolder, and it loaded fine, but without a proper registration code...grrr...which as you know if purchasing from Sprint, don't exist via email confirmation as with other separately purchased programs.

    So, next move is to ask for a refund of each and everyone of those programs unless they make them "active" in "My Content" Manager.


    this is in addition to their SPrint TV bs info I got before I switched to the 700p AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH. I may go back to land lines. Those F'ers.
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    Do you have the reg codes? If so, you can download from a place other than sprint (, for instance) and just re register them
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    nah, unfortunately, i don't, thinking I could download them again at any time...GRRRR>
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    There was the same problem going from the 600 to the 650. I gave up after a few calls, and won't purchase software from them again...
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    I have downloaded some games, screensaver, etc from Sprint. They give you 90 days or whatever amount of time that you have license to the content, and when that time is up, fine if you keep it on your phone. Everything in your content manager from Sprint is at your disposal for different handsets until that license period ends...As far as registration, I don't think it matters, correct me if I am wrong, since I don't buy much content from Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ApocalypseCow
    nah, unfortunately, i don't, thinking I could download them again at any time...GRRRR>
    into dairy drama?
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    hahah. dairy.

    as to the other reply..this content was not time was for an unlimited basis....gonna try to call sprint tonight
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    Go to your content manger and request a refund - then repurchae ota on your 700
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    I have the same problem, except all my items were gifts.

    Granted, they were gifts from someone with a free A920 phone and they didn't cost him anything, but I'm sure Sprint's marketing department had to pay.
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    Looks like any program that is now supported on the Treo 700p can now be re-downloaded. I imagine someone at Sprint has to decide when a certain program is supported. Just gotta find the right people to email to get their butts in gear.

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