I thought I would pass some information to folks that have this headset in hopes that you can avoid the issues I had.

I purchased this headset 7 months ago, and a friend of mine also purchased his 4 months ago. We have been very happy with the headset. Both our headsets died on us. His couldn't pair, and mine fell apart.

He didn't have too much problem with his, getting it exchange, but I called the Website I ordered it from that had a lifetime exchange on it and it turns out if they stop carrying a product the warranty through them is no longer valid and I have to go through Sony-Ericsson, I thought this was odd since the HBH-610 was replaced with the HBH-610a but according to that reseller, it's not the same headset, so they will not replace it for me.

On to the call with Sony-Ericsson, after telling them it fell apart, they told me they will not replace it because I abused it. After asking for a manager I was shocked again that they would not replace it, they claimed that these things don't fall apart and I must have abused it.

So I called back this morning, told them that I could not hear out of it, and they gave me an RMA number to have it replaced.

Two lessons learned from this story:
1. If your headset does fall apart, for some reason or other, don't let Sony-Ericsson know that; they will not believe it's a manufacturers defect, they obviously think their products are so superior that they can't possibly break.

2. Carefully read the fine print about lifetime warranties from websites. In my case I paid a premium for this headset because I was confident that if something happened to it I was covered, but since Sony-Ericsson changed the model number I no longer had a warranty with the reseller and I have to go back to the manufacturer for repair.