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    I couldn't find any thread about this, so, here it goes. I went to a radio station website to try to stream audio from it. The Kinoma applicaiton spawned and the streaming audio worked fine. Now, I can't get back to the web browser. When I hit the back button on the left side the web browser appears and says "redrawing" and goes right back to the player. Hitting the X at the top left will not stop it. Soft reset didn't work. There is a button on the lower right that looks like a minimize/maximize button but it does nothing. I can't find anything about it in the user guide. Anyone had this one yet?
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    Well it looks like I may have found a bug. A hard reset corrects the problem I was able to recreate the problem by pressing the back button WHILE the audio is still streaming. That will cause the player to keep trying to play the file each time you hit the back button even if you have pressed the stop button first the second time. I looks like the only way to avoid this problem right now is to make sure you press the stop button before going back to the web browser. Otherwise, hard reset. Couldn't they have found this in beta testing? Geez.
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    Bump No one has experienced this? Maybe I have a lemon.

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